Leaving Leeds


Leaving Leeds was sad because I don’t know when and even if I will be back. James took care of me so well and was such a gentleman I’m kind of still in awe how smoothly the entire trip went.

The view of Blenheim Crescent from his room.

Anyways, I have to remember to get up there to visit the Lake District with him and Jeff because it has to be done before I leave for home. I would definitely give up Sweden for it. I spent the train ride home sleeping and gazing out the window as the rolling fields swept by. I will miss the north greatly. I still think I could live here.

James seeing me off at the train station, and blurry because apparently my camera doesn’t know when the flash needs to be on.

Now I am back home and accepting the reality of London again while updating all my entries from Yorkshire. Hurray for good internet! Tomorrow, first day of Cultureshock Media. Wish me luck!

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