Night in Leeds

Leeds, Nightlife

Quick because I am so smashed right now I can hardly type. Went out to Browns for drinks with Jeff and James and got a Rum Punch. The place was very posh because guess what was on the menu!

We left quickly for dinner at the expensive-but-worth-it-because-you-only-live-once Piccolino (rigatoni and tomato sauce and garlic bread and so, so filling). Later went to some place for more drinks for a girl’s birthday before going to Ha Ha Bar to get MORE drinks and James bought me two shots (one jeagermeister and one black licorice thing) and I am drunk right now it’s kind of ridiculous. Went back to the apartment after closing time at 2:30/3am to hang out with the housemates and watch some prank videos they took of the apartment.



I took a few pics but nothing good. An absolutely PRICELESS time spent with locals from Leeds–I would have spent more money (and worth it) coming here than all the time traveling England and Europe together. It’ truly a genuine and fantastic and unforgettable experience. James treated me so well and even invited me back for another weekend which would be fantastic and hopefully possible if we can coordinate our schedules. Tomorrow I’m going to take the 11:40 train to London and have enough time to sort things out for Monday–my first day at internship. More updates soon, along with some mediocre pictures! Time for beddddddddd.

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