Skye High: Booked

Scotland, Travel

I must be a freaking madwoman. I’d like to informally thank Grammie for the advance on my Christmas gift, which is being used for this!

So because I have no class on Friday, I have booked the big trip of my stay. Who knew it would end up being in Skye High, of all places?

I will be going through some fierce bus travel to do it, but my upcoming three-day weekend will take me back up to Edinburgh and on to:
Stirling (William Wallace country)
Fort Augustus and Loch Ness
The beautiful Isle of Skye
Culloden Moor
And south past Pitlochry, Dunkeld and Perth

This is Lindsey officially saying that Paris, Stockholm, and Brüges will have to wait for another time.

Just goes to show that Christmas can come early to those who can’t wait (and are half-willing to pay dearly for it).

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