Whatever a city’s size, three days is not enough

Is it really my last day in Stockholm? I need another night. Just one more. Not that I didn’t see everything I wanted to see. I did. More than once. It’s just that three days of sightseeing does not leave enough room for everything else. Like, say, shopping. Eating. Meeting people. Making friends. Curse my … More Whatever a city’s size, three days is not enough

Skye High: Booked

I must be a freaking madwoman. I’d like to informally thank Grammie for the advance on my Christmas gift, which is being used for this! So because I have no class on Friday, I have booked the big trip of my stay. Who knew it would end up being in Skye High, of all places? … More Skye High: Booked

HP Itinerary

This is a record for the amount of times I’ve posted in a day, but since I’m sitting in my high bed with nothing to do and no motivation to get down, I might as well write something useful. So, after some extensive research, I’ve decided to list the locations used in the films of … More HP Itinerary