Friends make places, not vice versa

Photography, Travel

Truthfully, there is nothing that a fine conversation with a wonderful person over sushi and tea can’t cure. And an invitation to a party filled with more lovely locals. Rain, you can’t spoil my parade.

But oh how it will try. Apparently, rain is forecasted for the entire time I’ll be staying here, which makes any good photo opportunities scarce and the thought of sidewalk meandering a full-on fight with logistics – I will not get sick because of soggy socks. I will NOT.

The point of this blog is to blog, not to photo dump. But let me tell you before I start getting into Denmark, how very lovely it is to fly. Even with my head flattened against a frozen plastic window, feet stuffed under a low-lying seat, headphones that refuse to decipher what’s playing on the overhead monitors (The King’s Speech), a chicken dinner that could pass for some artifact in a steerage museum, and turbulence that makes you grip your complimentary thread-bare blanket for dear life, the views are what really do it for me. I am a window seater for life.

Sleep now. Tomorrow: aesthetics and Danish design.

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