Oh, HEY Copenhagen


It would be LOVELY if you could stop raining enough for me to, you know, take a good picture or two.

The first day is the hardest. I’ve been through hell and back with London, so I should anticipate this. Knowing zero words of Danish does not help. Yet, despite the grief with the hostel check-in and the rain and Bekky not being available till 5 and me not being able to find an ATM and not being able to eat until, well, dinnertime, I know this: my bunk bed is comfortable. The rain has stopped. What I DID see of the city was expectedly beautiful. I’ve freshened up. I’m heading to Rebekka’s for some yummy sushi takeout. And I know that at least ONE of the days I’m here, the sun will be shining.

Until I can properly write, however, this is all I have for your musings:

As colorful and as complicated as a dream.

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