Whatever a city’s size, three days is not enough

Stockholm, Sweden, Travel

Is it really my last day in Stockholm?

I need another night. Just one more.

Not that I didn’t see everything I wanted to see. I did. More than once. It’s just that three days of sightseeing does not leave enough room for everything else. Like, say, shopping. Eating. Meeting people. Making friends.

Curse my pre-booked flight. I could have made good use of an entire Sunday.

Swirling clouds, sunny skies


There is nothing, NOTHING like a productive day when you’re traveling. Far too often I find my plans taking much more time than anticipated, and I’m left either rushing through the end pieces or skipping them entirely. But despite the full force gales that kept us walkers pinned against the bridge railings, ripping the scarves right off our necks, I was able to do, well, pretty much everything I wanted to do in Stockholm. And it’s only my first full day!

Dear Old Stockholm


Traveling without a camera is like swimming without limbs. My lovely pink camera finally kicked it today as I entered Gamla Stan and for the moments after (or at least for the next two hours), I was drowning in defeat. But a quick trip to the Sony Center and three Benjamins later, I am the slightly regretful but nonetheless relieved owner of a BETTER pink camera. Which, by the way, takes panoramas. How awesome.