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Stockholm: Dining at Den Gyldene Freden

The last evening of any worldly trip deserves an authentic meal. And in Stockholm, there’s no better place to dine than at Gamla Stan’s Den Gyldene Freden (Österlånggatan 51;, which dates back to 1722 and remains the oldest restaurant in the world to retain its […]

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Swirling clouds, sunny skies

There is nothing, NOTHING like a productive day when you’re traveling. Far too often I find my plans taking much more time than anticipated, and I’m left either rushing through the end pieces or skipping them entirely. But despite the full force gales that kept […]


Dear Old Stockholm

Traveling without a camera is like swimming without limbs. My lovely pink camera finally kicked it today as I entered Gamla Stan and for the moments after (or at least for the next two hours), I was drowning in defeat. But a quick trip to […]

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Uddevalla: umbrellas needed

Rain and fog. All day. But what has this miserable, groggy day brought? Mjölk choklad! Spicy wok! Swedish shopping! Museum browsing! Boardwalking. Curling. Family bonding. This entry will be more activity-oriented, mostly about family. Let the adventure begin!

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Ha. And now, in quick succession, Sweden Sweden Sweden. Because, Yes. I am finally here. And even the unwavering fatigue could not dampen my first day in this glorious country of my ROOTS.

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