Uddevalla: umbrellas needed


Rain and fog. All day. But what has this miserable, groggy day brought? Mjölk choklad! Spicy wok! Swedish shopping! Museum browsing! Boardwalking. Curling. Family bonding. This entry will be more activity-oriented, mostly about family. Let the adventure begin!

Today was a day of being shuttled back and forth between relatives. In the morning, Frida and I took a stroll along the cliff-hugging boardwalk, where, during the summer, the whole city comes out to swim, tan, and party into the night. Today, the weather had other plans.

Foggy boardwalk bridge.

Inside the covered part of the foggy bridge.

If you look closely, you can spy the Uddevalla Bridge in the distance.

After we’d had enough of the mist doing horrible things to our hair, we drove to Trop for some serious shopping, then back to Uddevalla for lunch at a spicy wok place with Carl, a friend. The windows looked out onto the center of town.

Hanging out with Linn was next on the agenda. She drove me to the harbor to see some pretty boats and check out the local museum. Note the Swedish flags!

The Bohusläns Museum documented local history, art, and artifacts from the sea. Inside, we made jokes about the amateur art exhibit and the hairstyles from way back when (and played in the kiddie sections, which turned out to be more fun than I’ll admit). Here’s a cool room with displays shaped like waves.

Afterwards, we went over to Maria’s for dinner, picture album browsing (seeing Mom and Dad circa 1985 plus baby pictures for the first time…crazy!), and watching Swedish curling on the TV. Anders has all the pictures, hopefully, but here’s one of me and Linn! Hooray!

I ended the night early at Frida’s, falling asleep wayyy too early but I was more exhausted than I ever remember being. Tomorrow: STOCKHOLM. Also, be sure to check out the my newly extended entry on SWEDEN, now with pictures.

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