Harrods & Yorkshire pudding


Today was mostly a blah day, because I slept until noon then ended up not doing my paper, which is due tomorrow night. Ugh. At 4pm I met Melissa at Harrods and we went shopping! It was a mad dash through the Children’s Toy and Pet Kingdom sections, where they are currently housing a litter of Siamese kittens and British Bulldog puppies. I wanted to take them home with me. Then we browsed the Christmas Workshop and down to the Food Section where there were more different kinds and brands and displays of chocolate and truffles than you could possibly imagine. There was a mad dash to purchase before their closing at 6, but I made it. Then we headed over to Bunches of Grapes for a delicious Roast Beef wrapped in Yorkshire pudding wrap dinner with peas, chips, gravy and horseradish. I WILL DEARLY MISS PUB FOOD WHEN I LEAVE 😦 At home, I FINALLY got to chat with my boy and show off my Harrods purchases ❤ Then I sat around, drank green tea, and did nothing productive for the nighttime!

NOTE: Lots of pictures have been added for the December 3-5 dates!

September 2nd

Geeky Obsessions, London

Today, it rained. London rain, I’ve learned, is inescapable. It gets into your boots and under your hood and around your wrists. But it is warm rain, and gentle.

Lectures today were from 9:15-4:30. Went to Harrods from 5-7 (which is literally RIGHT down the street from the Sorbonne), where we saw fake snow appear in seconds, siamese kittens from Thailand, a dollhouse that was 4 feet tall, Paddington bears of all sizes, a pool table selling for £1,000,000, authentic gelato, a personal magic act, and sparkling crystal chandeliers inlaid with gold. I didn’t spend a penny. Afterwards, we went to a Comic/more of a magic show at Harrington Gardens where our hosts spoon-fed us wine of all colors and glass sizes, complete with a plate of roast beef and horseradish and berry meringue pie. A good discussion was had involving Harry Potter tours across the UK, a hotel in Edinburgh graced with JKR’s signature, and more. When we arrived back at Sorbonne, we spent the night talking about hometowns, English football, computer labs, BU letdowns, and room comparisons. A shower, some internet, and soon bed. Tomorrow: first day of class. All in all, a full day.