First day at internship

Work Abroad

was, to put it mildly, not the best of days. It probably wouldn’t have been as bad a feeling if I didn’t just spend the last week/end in heaven. But I spent the entire 10am-6pm day in front of a computer looking up sites that would put my company’s link on them for free. And tomorrow, I will talk to my supervisor about my research, and then learn how to ‘put an email together.’ I felt miserable all day because I was put in front of a computer and not introduced to anybody, and therefore was ignored until closing. I really felt like 12 years old.

And to top it off, my roommates have two girls staying in our room all week which they didn’t tell me about. Six girls, one shower, first week of working, and no patience left. Nine are in the room currently, and all I want to do is curl up and fall asleep early and not be judged by what I’m wearing and how low my voice is and how I’m being ignored by all of them.

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