Second day at internship

London, Work Abroad

Internship went the exactly the same as it did yesterday, but at least I was expecting it. Thursday I’m supposedly going to an art fair with some coworkers, but I’m not holding my breath. Oh well, I guess this is what it feels like to be at the very bottom–I just thought I’d be doing some journalism work at all instead of the marketing crap.

I rushed home at 6 to get in my comfy bed and relax. Melissa came home with her friend Alison from home around 7 and the three of us went to Stanhope Arms for some food (BBQ chicken wings and nacho chips with water) and lots of good chatting and catching up. I justify the money-spending with needing to let go of the stress of the past two days. Afterwards, I bought a chocolate croissant at Tesco before heading home to deal with the noise of our room. Finally got to have a decent conversation with Mark too, which always makes me feel happy and loved and special and worth something ❤ He is so good to me. Anyways, am listening to more Leisure Society (LOVE them. For multiple reasons) and am going to take a much-needed hot shower before going to bed early. I needed a lot of things today! My bed, good eats, chocolate, Mark, Leisure Society, shower = ingredients for sure survival of bad days.

I also feel like I need to have a picture here just to balance out my intense narrative. Hmm.


There’s a fat cat for you, seen in Wath on the way to Christine’s house. Sleepy and ADORABLEEEE.

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