Wath & Leeds

Okay so, I didn’t even have 5 minutes yesterday to update! Which means things are going well but I can’t keep up with my day-to-day entry style like I want. But I have access now so I’ll try to keep it short and sweet (unlikely). Advertisements

Conisbrough & Wath

Today, Dad got really really sick so Mother and I took a trip to Wath to see the family history. Went to Conisbrough Castle, which was just a defense fortress, really. But I always love castles and their ancient-ness. They make me feel very young.


Camden Market was FANTASTIC today. Rachel, Melissa, and I were drawn to pretty much everything. Some of it was really touristy, but other stuff was chic, hip, vintage, grungy, and really cool! And you KNEW it was cool, because they sold (replicas of) Banksy. A pretty scene where, along the edge, they sold lots of … More Camden

Stonehenge & Winchester

This blog is seriously the best thing to procrastinate with since the discovery of Facebook. Today: Stonehenge and Winchester. And guess what? Yup, no rain. Beautiful pictures. Happy Lindsey. The long bus ride through the countryside was enjoyable, and I was actually awake this time. Took some out-of-the-window photos, which didn’t make the cut here … More Stonehenge & Winchester