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Camden Market was FANTASTIC today. Rachel, Melissa, and I were drawn to pretty much everything. Some of it was really touristy, but other stuff was chic, hip, vintage, grungy, and really cool! And you KNEW it was cool, because they sold (replicas of) Banksy. A […]

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Stonehenge & Winchester

This blog is seriously the best thing to procrastinate with since the discovery of Facebook. Today: Stonehenge and Winchester. And guess what? Yup, no rain. Beautiful pictures. Happy Lindsey. The long bus ride through the countryside was enjoyable, and I was actually awake this time. […]

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King’s Cross & Fabric

Oh no! I didn’t get to write an entry for yesterday. Which was mad busy, by the way. Yesterday, I slept until 11–the longest I’ve slept in while being here. Then I went for a run in Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park, which was absolutely beautiful. I […]

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Brighton & Westminster

Ahhh 6 minutes until tomorrow! I’m trying to get entries in every day in real time, and so far it’s been a little stressful. Especially because I have like no time at night and no real want to write anything down. Anyways, today we went […]

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Buckingham Palace

Just so I can post before today turns into tomorrow! I will expound later. Today I had AH class again and we went to National Gallery. Then Melissa and I went to Buckingham Palace. Then we went home and I ate some grilled cheese and […]

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Windsor Castle & Eton

I dropped my camera today, and now it does not work. Needless to say, it put a damper on my touring day of Windsor Castle and Eton. But after getting over the shock and panic of it all, I decided that only one thing can […]

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